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                                                                       This little guy was so cool, we put him on an album cover. Stay tuned..                         



Chemikill Burn         Crawl 2 Chaos                               Ever Disaster

                                                             Bleeding Ichabod 

I am so disgusted with all the people out there claiming to be metal heads and claiming they are there to help and support the community and then when they are called upon they ignore all emails and/or calls. Fucking posers, you are nothing more. I won't name names but Fuck You All. 

You want something done, do it yourself. Relying on some douchebag is nothing more than waiting to fail which is why I started CHEMIKILL BURN RECORDS. CBR is step one in getting our name and the names of some fucking fantastic unheard and all too often ignore acts heard. Metal up your mother fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!! - Respectfully in Metal... Pete

CHEMIKILL BURN RECORDS (NYC) continues heavy metal's constant fight to be heard.  At C.B.R. we sleep, eat, breathe music.  We are a small group of both musicians and fans that make up our Marketing, A&R, Promotional and  Management teams.  We are not afraid to jump in feet first and get our hands dirty for the music we believe in. So if you have or know someone with a kick ass metal/hard rock band and you want in, get in touch. CHEMIKILL BURN RECORDS is not your ordinary label. We are unique in our thinking and offer a deal far from the ordinary. We hope you will help spread the word by supporting CHEMIKILL BURN RECORDS and our artists. So get out there and whether you buy or steal our music, see the shows
  by buying a ticket or sneaking in the back door we thank you. Remember...please recycle the music, pass it on.


                                            THE BLACK HEART GOSPEL'S Wasteland America available everywhere SUMMER, 2015


“The metal, dirt, and rock practically spills off of every note”…… “knack for memorable songwriting/good hooks “……… Greg Pratt

"These guys play a mix of thrash and traditional metal and the first listen through “Wast
eland America” I can tell I am going to like these guys."........"These guys are fantastic" 


                                                                         CRAWL 2 CHAOS debuts December 2013

"A mean, gritty, brutish, malevolenty thuggish, downright nasty blast of 
Pantera - Rollins - ProPain bluster that'll have your neighbors  eyeing you warily
 for weeks after on high 3a.m. test run. Suprisingly tasty in spite of the black leather and anger fueled testosterone aftertaste".  - East Coast Rocker

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